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08 JANUARY 2021

Producers in one of Scotland’s most iconic industries will be playing their part in reducing carbon emissions, with 17 distilleries across the UK today receiving the first phase of £10 million government funding to go green. Eleven distilleries across Scotland, including Highland Park and the Orkney Distillery in Kirkwall, will be able to kick-start green innovations thanks to the government backing, helping them harness energy sources such as low-carbon hydrogen to power their operations. These 17 Green Distilleries feasibility studies were selected from a very large number of applications. 10 of the studies involve hydrogen, Slanj!

16 DECEMBER 2020

The Scottish Government has today published a Roadmap to world-leading climate change targets, with more than 100 new policies and proposals to support Scotland’s green recovery and help deliver a just transition to Net Zero. The Climate Change Plan 2018 – 2032 has been updated to reflect the world’s most ambitious framework of climate targets. This update will build on the outputs of the Hydrogen Assessment project, with the publication of a Hydrogen Policy statement this month, and then a Hydrogen Action Plan in 2021. The potential scale of the economic opportunity for Scotland from the production of hydrogen has been calculated, and gross impacts by 2045 across three scenarios modelled range from 70,000 to over 300,000 jobs protected or created and GVA impacts of between £5 billion and £25 billion.


The new Hydrogen Territories Platform was launched on 23 September 2020. The HTP will help to identify local replication opportunities for the development, deployment, and exploitation of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies for integrated local energy systems.

This Hydrogen Territories Platform (HTP) was developed within the FCH-JU funded BIG HIT project to support replication of the local energy systems model. The HTP will provide information and modelling tools to support and inform the wider development and replication of this model to other islands and isolated territories. The new HTP website is now live: http://h2territory.eu/

08 JULY 2020

The European Commission has released their plans for the integrated energy system of the future with clean hydrogen. This new approach to Powering a Climate-neutral Economy sets out an integrated energy system using hydrogen to support the decarbonisation of industry, transport, power generation and buildings across Europe. The international dimension is an integral part of the EU approach.

Clean hydrogen offers new opportunities for re-designing Europe’s energy partnerships with both neighbouring countries and regions, together with its international, regional and bilateral partners, advancing supply diversification and helping design stable and secure supply chains. The EU Hydrogen Strategy addresses how to transform this potential into reality, through investments, regulation, market creation and research and innovation.


Next Events

Tuesday, 19 January 2021

Mission Innovation IC-8 with funding from the European Commission and implemented by the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH JU), is building a global information sharing Hydrogen Valleys Platform for flagship hydrogen projects to enable global learning and advance the development of integrated, larger-scale regional hydrogen initiatives. The Hydrogen Valleys platform will feature comprehensive insights into the most advanced and ambitious projects and planned deployments around the globe. This event is free to attend.

Tuesday, 02 March 2021

As part of their Safety Excellence in Energy series, HSE is running the ‘Safe NetZero 2021 – Hydrogen’ conference on 2-4 March 2021 as an online event. This looks at the evolving work that is helping to deploy hydrogen as an energy vector as part of the UK's commitment to reduce carbon emissions and become 'net zero' by 2050.

'Safe Net Zero 2021 - Hydrogen' will pay particular attention to safety, with an agenda focusing on three key themes of Policies, Standards & Skills; Foundations & Infrastructure; and Advances in Use & Applications

Tuesday, 18 May 2021

Climate Change Solutions have announced Tuesday 18th May 2021 as the date of their Hydrogen & Fuel Cells – The Time is Now UK Hydrogen and Fuel Cell conference.

This well established and highly respected event is now in its 17th year, and will look at both the Hydrogen Economy and also the range of applications for Fuel Cells. Sessions will focus on the Production, Distribution and Use of Hydrogen. Market demand for hydrogen will cover transport applications as well as remote and stationary power.