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History of HTP begins in 2016 in the framework of BIT HIT Project, the first Hydrogen Valley in Europe. At that time, the concept “Hydrogen Valley” wasn’t even created, so we talked about hydrogen territories, understood as isolated or remote territories where FCH technologies were integrated creating a hydrogen ecosystem / economy in their territories. The Hydrogen Territories Platform (HTP) was devised as an interregional platform that would help participants understand how regions can successfully replicate the BIG HIT project concept. Now, projects such as Green Hysland or HEAVENN are building new H2 Valleys and the interest of replication is growing fast, so the HTP is structured accordingly. .

The HTP is now chaired by the Aragon Hydrogen Foundation with the support of the Governing Board, formed by one leader of each project / institution involved in the Board


Hydrogen Territories

A Hydrogen Territory is defined here as an isolated or remote territory aiming to demonstrate deployment of FCH technologies in an integrated manner. The objective is to support decarbonisation of the territory or region across multiple sectors (e.g. heat, power, mobility, industry), while demonstrating also the wider socio-economic benefits of the BIG HIT concept to support local job creation, innovation, training and skills development and ultimately development of the local economy. HTP members would aim to deploy and demonstrate the entire hydrogen value chain into a local ecosystem, that is, generation of hydrogen from locally available renewable sources, supply & distribution and local end-use of hydrogen across several local end-user applications.


  • BIG HIT (Orkney, Scottland)
  • HEAVENN (Netherlands)
  • GREENHYSLAND (Mallorca, Spain)
  • NAHV(Croatia-Slovenia-Italy, Friuli Venezia Giulia Region)
  • IMAGHyNE (Auverge-Rhône-Alpes region, France)
  • SH2AMROCK(Ireland)

    Follower territories: Several islands are directly involved in Green Hysland as project partners and will participate in an in-depth replication study: Madeira (PT), Tenerife (ES), Achill (IE), Greek Islands, Ameland (NL), Chiloé (CL), and Morocco.

    The BIG HIT project and the Orkney Islands as an example of Hydrogen Territory

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    The main objective of the HTP is to ensure the replicability of the hydrogen valley concept in new territories, focusing on business models based on the use of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies in integrated local energy systems. The HTP is expected to be a collaborative platform that centralize the knowledge acquired from the different projects/initiatives ongoing related to Hydrogen Valleys, mainly focusing on the technical aspects and practical issues in the deployment phase.

    A website platform and a modelling toolkit have been created to share the main lessons learned during the project, intended as a “learning by doing” tool to replicate the existing H2 Valleys concept to other territories.


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    What is expected from members? Scope and members’ roles & benefits:

    Scope: exchange of information to exploit replication possibilities of the H2 valley concept to other remote regions/territories.

    Members’ benefits – access to:

    • Key lessons & best practices from members.
    • Access to HTP tool – a user-friendly modelling tool which provides an initial assessment for the introduction of hydrogen technologies in your region.
    • Access to HTP tool – a user-friendly modelling tool which provides an initial assessment for the introduction of hydrogen technologies in your region.
    • Attendance at private events/workshops organized for members.

    Members’ role:

    • Feedback on replication methodology.
    • Provision of data for development/validation of methodology.
    • Collaboration in webinars and conferences sharing their knowledge in chosen topic.

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