AdvancedH2Valley Project receives a €8.9 million grant from the EU to foster the Western France hydrogen transition

April 2024

The 18 members of the AdvancedH2Valley consortium are proud to announce that their project has received an 8.9 million euros grant from the European Commission through the Clean Hydrogen Joint Undertaking, and its call HORIZON-JTI-CLEANH2-2023-1, to showcase advanced green hydrogen valley in Western France.

Based in the French Loire Valley, AdvancedH2Valley project aims to foster the Atlantic area's energy transition and set the standard for clean, green, and renewable hydrogen. The Kick-off meeting occurred on 22-23 January 2024 in Nantes, France, with the participation of all consortium’s partners, coordinated by Lhyfe.

With secured funding from the EU - mainly dedicated to the uses and distribution of the hydrogen, AdvancedH2Valley unfolds across strategic locations in Western France. The project aims to introduce up to 11.5MW of new production capacities, in addition to the 1 MW pioneer unit already in operation, and innovative processes, including deploying one of the first hydrogen truck fleet in the country, H2 maritime applications, harbour logistics and hydrogen light commercial vehicles including taxis.

Among its ambitious objectives, the project envisions producing over 1 600 t/y of green and renewable hydrogen by 2028. Aligned with the EU's Renewable Energy Directive, it establishes two new public Hydrogen Refueling Stations in addition to the 5 stations already in operation and a tailored supply chain, contributing significantly to the region's sustainable energy goals and massification of the uses.

Beyond the environmental impact, AdvancedH2Valley seeks to be a catalyst for positive change, becoming an integral part of the local community, fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing among neighbouring regions.

The beneficiary members of the consortium are: Lhyfe (France, coordinator), EnR44 (France), Teréga Solutions (France), Hyliko (France), Département de Loire-Atlantique (France), SAS Terminal du Grand Ouest – TGO (France), Fraikin France (France), Zamenhof Exploitation (France), Hype (France), Fundacion Tecnalia Research & Innovation (Spain), Université D’Orleans (France), Université Bretagne Sud (France), Warrant Hub Spa (Italy), Automobile Club de l’Ouest (France).

The associated partners are: Région des Pays de la Loire (France), Angers Loire Métropole (France), Région Normandie (France), Conférence des Régions Périphériques Maritimes d’Europe (France).