European Regions for Hydrogen Society Event

June 2024

The European Regions for Hydrogen Society event will take place on Wednesday, June 12. It aims to unite regional and industrial stakeholders to enhance cooperation and advance the European Hydrogen agenda.

This event will align regional and European strategies to address challenges in clean energy, mobility, and climate, attracting innovation and investment. A 90-minute policy session with five speakers will include debates and a Q&A, promoting synchronized action for sustainable energy initiatives.

Participants, including cities, regions, hydrogen clusters, investors, and industry stakeholders, are invited to Brussels for discussions with industry leaders and policymakers. Speakers will showcase projects and plans for hydrogen development, aiming to achieve climate neutrality and inspire new solutions.

Organizers MedioTejo 21 and IrRADIARE will promote the event through websites, social media, and direct engagement with stakeholders.EUSEW-Agenda-Hydrogen_June12-2