Hydrogen Valleys Summit within H2POLAND & NetZero Forum

April 2024

The Central European Hydrogen Technology Forum H2POLAND and Central European Decarbonization Forum NetZero are a response to the need to popularise knowledge about low- and zero-emission technologies.

H2POLAND and Net Zero is the first trade fair in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe devoted entirely to hydrogen and decarbonization technologies. The forums are meetings where discussions about the future of decarbonization and the European economy play a key role.

Within the H2POLAND Forum, the Hydrogen Valleys Summit is going to be celebrated. The summit is organised by the Wielkopolska Region and Hydrogen Europe to disseminate the Hydrogen Valleys concept and share best practices and experiences mainly from European regions.

Two sessions:

  • From regional to European hydrogen ecosystem - the role of the regions in championing EU Hydrogen Valley success
  • H2 Valleys in Europe and Beyond – what we can learn from each other?

Hydrogen Valleys Summit 2024:

- Deepening the understanding of the concept and potential of hydrogen valleys.

- Solutions at European, regional, local level for the development of hydrogen valleys.

- Political and administrative framework, financial support, infrastructure needs.

- Different perspectives of European regions and beyond.

- Best practices, success stories and key challenges for hydrogen valley projects.

Check the agenda here!

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