Meeting of the heads of Hydrogen Valleys in Spain

March 2024

Coinciding with the celebration of the European Hydrogen Energy Conference 2024 in Bilbao, the heads of the different Hydrogen Valleys being developed in Spain visited the Petronor refinery on 7 March, where, since last October, a 2.5 MW electrolyser has been operating to supply renewable hydrogen to the Energy Intelligence Center, the refinery itself and a future hydrogen refuelling station that will supply buses and light vehicles at a nearby mobility logistics platform.

In addition to the representatives of the Basque Hydrogen Corridor who acted as hosts, the visit was attended by members of the Government of Navarre, the GetHyGa initiative of Aragon, and the Hydrogen Valley of Catalonia (these four regions are grouped in the so-called Ebro Hydrogen Corridor), as well as the Galician Hydrogen Association, Asturias, Castile and Leon Hydrogen Association, HyVal (Valencia), Vahia2030 (Alicante), Green Hydrogen Sector Association in the Region of Murcia, and Andalusian Hydrogen Cluster.

This meeting has allowed attendees to share best practices and discuss visions to promote a strategy and a state regulatory framework to support not only the necessary investment in the industries but also the difference in operating costs.